This photoshoot was bliss from start to finish! I love when you guys are down for a 2hr shoot. We had so much time to walk to different places and get so much variety.

Kayla attended NC State and studied English Secondary Ed with the goal of teaching High School english. She loves reading and teaching literature because of the opportunity to examine the human experience with students.

“Teaching kids to identify with characters they’ll never meet and use that to relate to the people they see every day is a beautiful thing. Words are powerful, and once you teach kids to master their command of language, they can conquer anything. I can’t wait to start teaching! Every kid needs someone to look up to and I can’t wait to be that for them.”



Kibwe & Amy

I am so impressed with this simple and incredibly elegant wedding. The entire evening you felt like you were among the trees- with the high deck and floor to ceiling windows.

From head to toe the bridal party was impeccable. Blue, lavender, and burgundy were beautifully draped. The bride, Amy, was a vision and, the groom, Kibwe, did not fail to recognize.

One of my favorite moments was the blind prayer. Hearing her soon-to-be husband pray for their future, Amy could not help but be moved to tears, and neither could I.

It was truly an honor to capture my friends’ wedding day.

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Principle photographer: Desiree Henderson – EZER Photo – Instagram

Second Photographer: Rebekah Balthis – BEK Photo

Location: Lake Johnson Woodland Center



An intimate backyard elopement.

This was a special wedding for me since it was my sister’s. She has always had a love for Halloween, so an October wedding themed around the holiday was an easy decision.

The color scheme was white, black, orange and gold. The tables were lined with webs, lit by candle light. It was the perfect romantic setting for this make your own rules couple.

IMG_1554-copyIMG_1556IMG_1553IMG_1525IMG_1620IMG_2314IMG_2449IMG_1978IMG_1988IMG_1990IMG_1660IMG_1785IMG_1823IMG_1799IMG_1801IMG_1826IMG_1837IMG_1854IMG_1932IMG_2016IMG_2073IMG_2066IMG_2042IMG_2127IMG_2178IMG_2137IMG_2143 IMG_2141IMG_2172IMG_2277IMG_2287IMG_2226



These free sprits knew exactly what they wanted and what was important to them. A low key, intimate elopement followed by a reception with family and close friends was just it! You could really tell how much the people in their lives mean to them.

There was dancing, pizza, and beer. Everything you needed for a good time!

Within Compass Rose Brewery the decor was wood lined with rustic metal. Patches of leafy greens littered with colors of red and white, all lit with warm light and candles.

Simply beautiful.



DJ –  Dail Holderness

Wedding coordinator and forest – The Wedding Woman

Food – Napoli Food Truck



ME: Hey guys, want to park next to a highway, walk over an exit, and go into a weed patch?

JOSE & KAYLA: Suuurre…?

And thats how we ended this beautiful engagement session! So grateful for clients who trust me when it sounds crazy.


A birthday with Alpacas!

A birthday with Alpacas!


Yesterday was my husbands 29th birthday! I surprised him with a trip to an Alpaca farm. His family had some a while back and he loved them! This plan was last minute so I was thrilled when I heard back from Sarah of Alpaca Dreams NC! (Link at bottom of blog.) She was so sweet. She even put up a “Happy Birthday” sign and made Raul a card from all the Alpacas! Raul and I had so much fun!


The photo above is actually a Llama. I learned that they are used as guards, and they stomp to scare away predators, like dogs.

I also learned that even though Miaya’s hair in the photo below looks so soft, you don’t touch it. They don’t like it when you touch the top of their heads. Learned that lesson the hard way! :) But, we did get some hats from her hair, so thanks Miaya!


Thanks again Sarah and Mike for making Raul’s birthday a memorable one!


Hope the photos made you all smile! Links below.

Alpaca Dreams NC: Website Facebook